Capacitive Touch Screen Supports Multi-touch Technology

- Nov 06, 2017-

Capacitive touch screen is made by plating one or more layers of conductive material (such as indium tin oxide ITO) on the substrate, and then sealingly adhering to the protective cover to protect the electrodes. When other electrical conductors, such as a bare finger or a conductive pen, touch its surface, Capacitive Touch Screen an electronic circuit is formed there. The sensor is embedded in the glass to detect the current position, thus completing a touch operation.

Capacitive touch screen is based on the principle of capacitive touch screen to work and control, usually composed of four layers of glass screen composite, the inner surface and interlayer coated with an ITO conductive layer, the outermost layer is only 0.0015 mm thick silica Glass protective layer. Capacitive Touch Screen The inner layer of ITO acts as a shield. When the finger touches the metal layer, the surface of the user and the touch screen form a coupling capacitor due to the electric field of the human body. The charge of the sensing capacitor is transferred to another capacitor. The capacitance of the capacitor is detected by detecting the amount of charge transfer size.

Capacitive touch screen features

Accuracy: 99% accuracy.

Material: Complete scratch-resistant glass (Mohs hardness 7H), less susceptible to scratches and abrasion from sharp objects, Capacitive Touch Screen free from the impact of common sources of pollution such as water, fire, radiation, static electricity, dust or oil. Eye protection with goggles

Sensitivity: less than two ounces of force can be sensed, less than 3ms fast response.

Clarity: Three finishes (Polish, Etch, Industrial) are available. MTBF for SMT controllers is greater than 572,600 hours (per MILHANDBOOK-217-F1).

Touch life: any point can withstand more than 50 million touch, Capacitive Touch Screen a correction cursor does not drift.

The advantages of capacitive touch screen

Capacitive touch screen only need to touch, without the pressure to generate signals.

② only need one or no correction at all

③ capacitor solution longer life expectancy, because the capacitive touch screen components do not need any movement.

④ Capacitor technology in the loss of light and system power consumption is superior to the resistance technology.

⑤ Screen capacitive technology wear-resistant, long life.

⑥ support multi-touch technology

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