Capacitive Touch Screen Support Multi-point Touch-control Technology

- Oct 25, 2017-

The capacitive touchscreen is made by coating a layer or multilayer conductive material (such as indium tin oxide ito) on the substrate and then sealing the protective cover to protect the electrodes. When other conductors, such as bare fingers or conductive pens, touch its surface, an electronic circuit is formed where the inductor is embedded in the glass to detect the current position, thus completing a touch operation.

Capacitive touch screen is the use of the body's current induction work. Capacitive touch-screen sensor screen is a four-layer composite glass screen, Capacitive Touch Screen the inner surface of the glass screen and the interlayer are coated with a conductive layer, the outermost layer is a thin coating of silicate glass. When we touch the sensor screen with our fingers, The body's electric field allows the finger and the touchscreen surface to form a coupling capacitor, for high-frequency currents, Capacitive Touch Screen the capacitor is a direct conductor, so the finger absorbs a small current from the contact point. The current is divided from the electrodes on the four corners of the touchscreen, and the current flowing through the four electrodes is proportional to the distance between the fingers and the corners, Capacitive Touch Screen The controller obtains the position of the touch point by accurate calculation of the four current ratios.

Capacitive touchscreen with its good handling experience, smooth sliding effect and the broad masses of users of the user's preferences quickly in the touch screen industry in a firm footing, Capacitive Touch Screen it is known that the most use of touch screen, the most consistent with the user's habit is capacitive touch screen, capacitive touch-screen advantages?

The advantages of Capacitive touch screen

① capacitive touch screen only needs to be touched without pressure to produce a signal.

② need only one or no correction at all The life of the 

③ capacitor scheme is longer, Capacitive Touch Screen because the components in the capacitive touchscreen do not require any movement.

④ capacitance technology is superior to resistance technology in light loss and system power consumption.

⑤ capacitive technology for wear resistance, long life.

⑥ support multi-point touch control technology

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