Capacitive Touch Screen Has Many Advantages

- Aug 28, 2017-

The capacitive touchscreen is made by coating a layer or multilayer conductive material (such as indium tin oxide ito) on the substrate and then sealing the protective cover to protect the electrodes. When other conductors, Capacitive Touch Screen such as bare fingers or conductive pens, touch its surface, an electronic circuit is formed where the inductor is embedded in the glass to detect the current position, thus completing a touch operation.

In the design of touch-screen products, performance and cost trade-offs are required. Capacitive Touch Screen Resistive touch screen low-cost, competition is very fierce, Capacitive Touch Screen and in the performance and application of a certain limited, and resistive touch screen compared to capacitive touch screen has the following advantages:

(1) Capacitive touch screen only need to touch, without the need for pressure to generate signals.

(2) Capacitive touch screen only needs one or no correction at all after production, and the resistance type needs regular correction.

(3) The life of Capacitive touch screen is longer, Capacitive Touch Screen because the capacitive touch screen components do not need any movement. In the resistive touchscreen, the top Ito film needs to be thin enough to be elastic so that it bends down and touches the ITO film below.

(4) Capacitance technology is superior to resistance technology in light loss and system power consumption.

(5) Capacitive technology wear-resistant, long life, user maintenance costs are low, so the overall operating costs of manufacturers can be further reduced.

In addition, the choice of capacitance technology or resistance technology depends mainly on touching the screen object. If the finger touch, capacitive touch screen is a better choice. If you need a stylus, Capacitive Touch Screen whether it's plastic or metal, the resistive touchscreen is competent. Capacitive touch screens can also use stylus, but need a special stylus to match.

Capacitive touch screen has been applied to the iphone and other handheld devices, the location of a single point trajectory/analog mouse Double-click is its basic function, Capacitive Touch Screen and the recognition and application of multiple finger gestures has become a hot spot in the current market. In the portable application, the user holds the device in one hand, can only operate with the other, Capacitive Touch Screen so it is very important to recognize the gestures such as grasping, panning, stretching, compressing, rotating and turning the fingers.

Capacitive touchscreen has been able to detect multiple points to support the gesture recognition of two fingers. It is foreseeable that the capacitive touchscreen, which supports gesture recognition, will shine in the marketplace.

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