AR, AI Claim Top Read Spots For March

- May 07, 2019-

AR, AI claim top read spots for March

April 9, 2019 | by Bradley Cooper
AR, AI claim top read spots for March

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The top five stories for March covered topics related to personalized experiences, virtual reality, AI and other trends in the digital signage market.

The most read story focused on how Helzberg Diamonds, a jewelry store, is using an AR display to let customers virtually try on jewelry so they can skip browsing the display cases.

One story looked at key trends in touchscreen technology such as bigger displays, better apps and better viewability. Another story examined why restaurants should embrace innovative technologies such as AI and VR now rather than later.

Here are the five stories for March in reverse order.

5. How digital signage software can deliver personalized experiences

Many end users aren't just looking for digital signage that can showcase simple advertising messages. They also need systems that can push out a variety of information to various types of customers and employees, and in order to do that, they need personalized content.

Today's customer can pull up information instantly on phones, and retailers and other businesses have struggled to compete for customer's attention. Digital signage software vendors are helping address this problem by delivering personalized experiences.

4. Why the time is now for restaurants to embrace AI, VR

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality are rapidly becoming household names as companies, ranging from big retailers to small restaurants, embrace these technologies.

Traditionally, only bigger restaurants have been able to use technology such as AI, VR and AR, but now adoption is wide open for smaller restaurants.

3. Talking with Elo: Trends coming in touchscreen tech

Many digital signage end users are no longer simply aiming to attract eyeballs, they want to draw in customers for more personal interaction. The most obvious solution is to integrate a touchscreen into a display.

As touchscreen technology becomes more ubiquitous in the digital signage space, several trends are emerging, both on the technology side and the application side, such as force sensing sensors and apps specifically built for touchscreens.

Digital Signage Today spoke with Luke Wilwerding, senior director of North American sales at Elo, to get his perspective on top trends in the touchscreen space.

2.  3 questions to ask before you consider digital signage

Digital signage is exciting. It's a thrill to see your vision come to life on a bright display at a place for everyone to see. However, before you even think about digital signage, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

A few weeks back, we covered eight questions you should ask vendors about their products, but you also need to ask a few questions about how you intend to measure the success of your digital signage project.

1. How 1 jewelry store transformed customer experience with AR digital signage

Typically speaking, jewelry stores need to have a good hands-in experience to stand out among the crowd. One diamond chain, however, discovered a different way to get clients to try on various rings without even having to reach into the case.

Helzberg Diamonds upgraded seven locations in the U.S. with its Diamond Room Experience, an AR digital signage experience. The diamond retailer partnered its internal retail store operations with Dimensional Innovations, an experiment design firm, to craft the campaign.

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