Application For Infrared Touch Frame

- Apr 06, 2020-

With the continuous development of touch technology, more and more industries began to use large-size infrared touch screens to display products and promote the image of the company's government department. The market demand has also begun to develop from a single screen display to a super-large screen and multi-host multi-person interaction.

solution for infrared touch screen frame

The most commonly used large-size touch screens are the surface-fitting applications on the splicing screen; now the application of touch technology in the super-large-size splicing screen touch screen, only infrared touch technology is superior to other touches in response speed, sensitivity and touch strength Control technology, and the cost of the product is affordable, the technology is mature, the product performance is stable, and the after-sales maintenance is also simpler and more convenient.

Huizhou U-touch can provide large-size infrared touch frame. This is customized for large-size splicing touch screen. The ultra-large touch interactive wall and the intelligent touch splicing screen wall of the exhibition hall are designed according to the size of the wall surface; it brings users a shocking visual experience and tactile human-computer interaction.

Infrared touch frame features: support 10 points and 32 points as standard, can provide customized products for customers with special requirements; have the advantages of anti-wear, moisture, shock, ambient light, etc., can support multi-point writing at the same time, support multiple Frame fusion splicing, support for multi-screen interaction, support for touch area limitation, support for custom point calibration and other special functions. Meet various LED, TV, LCD splicing screen, DLP splicing screen, projection screen, etc. Infrared customized touch frames can be displayed in multimedia exhibition halls, digital exhibition halls, exhibition halls, digital exhibition halls, corporate exhibition halls, planning exhibition halls, city planning halls, creative halls, O2O experience halls, achievement exhibition halls, etc.

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