Advantages Of Wall-mounted Advertising Touch Display And Floor Stand Advertising Touch Display

- Apr 13, 2020-

With the development of the advertising touch display, there are more and more types of advertising touch display, and more and more functions. It is human-machine interaction. People can obtain more information from it.


     Advertising machines are divided into wall-mounted touch display and floor stand touch display, what are their advantages?


The advantages of wall-mounted advertising touch display

     1: Visual attractions: the advertising touch display is hung on the wall so that a large part of the space can be vacated. The entire storefront also looks layered and very attracted.

     2: Save space: if the space is limited, wall-mounted advertising touch display is preferable.


The advantages of floor stand advertising touch display

    1: The floor stand advertising touch display is placed on the ground, and its flexibility is relatively high. It is very convenient to move its position or change its direction.

    2: Place the LCD advertising touch display on the ground and keep a certain gap between the back of the advertising display and the wall, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of and prolongs the service life.

3: It is convenient to clean, the LCD advertising touch display is placed directly on the ground, it will be much more convenient when cleaning.

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    However, what kind of advertising touch display to be used depends on customer's requests.

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