2019 Forecast For The Touchscreen Industry: Leading Display Expert Weighs In

- May 29, 2019-

Today, touchscreens are virtually everywhere -- from cell phones and computer tablets to personal navigation devices and MP3 players, even fitness equipment. One emerging trend is that touchscreens are becoming increasingly interdependent on display technologies. The growing variety of interactive display technologies allows touchscreens to be widely used.

The rising demand for better touchscreens means consumers will increasingly expect more performance at a lower cost. Today’s touchscreens should be thin, light, visible in varying ambient light conditions, highly responsive and, most importantly affordable. Quick response, transparent touchscreens are now critical to a great user experience and can only be achieved through transparent conductors invisible to the naked eye. A key component behind these innovative technologies is silver nanowires.

For emerging touchscreen applications, including large area touchscreens, as well as flexible display applications, silver nanowires offer a significant advantage, both in cost and performance. Currently used in several consumer products, silver nanowire material offers lower manufacturing and per-unit costs and makes scaling much easier. Roll-to-roll processed silver nanowire transparent conductors are the clear choice for new production facilities that need high throughput and easy processing, as well as for device manufacturers that need a thin, light, flexible material to deliver high performance for innovative devices.

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