Using the action

- Nov 28, 2016-

In order to be better able to help you operate the touchscreen, here is some of the work methods and techniques:

If in the middle of operation capacitive touch screen, again changed the touch screen monitor resolution or display mode, or after you adjust the refresh rate of the touch screen controller, feel and touch the cursor cannot correspond, you must again to calibrate the touch screen system operation.

In order to ensure normal operation of the touch-screen system, in addition to ensure the correct installation of the software of the system, it must also remember not to install in a host of two or more kinds of touch screen driver, this will easily lead to conflict while the system is running, which makes the touch-screen system that doesn't use.

Don't let the touch-screen surface water or other soft things stick to the surface, or the touch screen is very easy to mistakenly touch causing the surface acoustic wave screen are not allowed. When you remove the dirt from the surface of the touch screen, you can use a soft dry cloth or cleaning wipe carefully outward from the center of the screen, or with a dry soft cloth moistened with denatured alcohol or glass cleaning liquid to clean the touch screen surface. If with hand or other touch real to touch surface Sonic touch screen Shi, touch screen reaction is slow, this description is has may is touch screen system has old, internal clock frequency too low, or is due to touch screen surface has drops in mobile, to wants to let touch screen recovery fast response, must again replaced or upgrade system, or with rag wipe dry touch screen surface of drops. When users operate the touchscreen, touch the moving direction is to the left, but the system cursor is moved to the right, this failure could be because the control box connector anti-connecting with the touch screen or touch screen left or right reversed, you will change again in a.

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