Surface acoustic wave touch screen works

- Nov 28, 2016-

To right Xia angle of X-axis launches for can device for cases: launches for can device put controller through touch screen cable sent to of signals into for Sonic energy to left surface passed, then by glass bottom of a group precision reflection stripes put Sonic Energy reflection into up of uniform surface passed, Sonic energy after screen body surface, again by top of reflection stripes poly into right of line spread to X-axis of received for can device, received for can device will returns of surface Sonic energy into signals.

Dang launches for can device launches a narrow pulse Hou, Sonic energy after different way arrived received for can device, go most right of first arrived, go most left of most late arrived, early arrived of and late arrived of these Sonic Energy overlay into a more wide of waveform signal, not difficult see, received signal collection has all in x axis direction after length different path return of Sonic Energy, they in y axis through of away is same of, but in x axis Shang, most far of than recently of more go has twice times x axis maximum distance. So the timeline reflects the original waveform of the signal before the stack location, that is the x axis.

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