Surface acoustic wave touch screen problems

- Nov 28, 2016-

The surface acoustic wave screen touch not allowed

Run the touch screen calibration procedure. (Start--settings--control panel----Calibrate-acoustic wave screen icon button).

· If it is purchased new touch-screen, please try out the drive, then power off for 5 seconds will host boot Reinstall driver.

· If it's not, the saw may be reflective stripes were also slightly damaged during transport could not be fully repaired.

· If Sonic screen in using a time Hou no, is may is screen around of reflection stripes or for can device above was dust cover, if using of is LT series models, needed playing boot Cabinet Hou display behind of door, will fixed display of around four a nut and the forward top display of bolt release, see front display and machine Cabinet Qian Panel clearance enough can, or will display split down put in bubble or soft mat at, then with soft cloth spray Shang computer cleaning agent wipe screen four week.

· Touch-screen surface water or other soft things stick to the surface, miscalculation has caused surface acoustic wave touch screen the touch screen are not allowed, to wipe it.

the surface acoustic wave screen cannot calibrate

· If you are using a brand, and some brand-name computers can be pre-installed in MOUSE-driven, would conflict with the touch screen driver, uninstall it.

· May is on the host computer before startup Mount touch screen driver, touch-screen controller receives the operation signal, powered down, restart the computer and recalibrate.

· May is abnormal touch screen driver installation, please delete driver reinstall (Control Panel/Add or remove programs).

Probably saw in use for some time, reflective stripes around the screen above is a lot of dust cover cannot be calibrated or touch-screen position is not accurate, need technical staff under the guidance of or parts removed to dealer to clean the monitor screen.

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