Surface acoustic wave touch screen

- Nov 28, 2016-

Surface acoustic waves, ultrasonic, in the media (for example a rigid material such as glass or metal) Superficial spreading mechanical energy waves. By wedge-shaped triangle bases (based on surface wave wavelength strict design), can be directional, angular surface acoustic wave energy. Surface acoustic wave properties of stability, easy to analyze, and have very sharp frequency shear wave transmission characteristics between 2013 and in nondestructive testing, imaging and application development quickly in the direction of Undertow, theoretical study of surface acoustic wave, semiconductor materials, materials, detection technologies are already quite mature. Surface acoustic wave touch screen the touch screen part is a planar, spherical or cylindrical glass plate, installed on the CRT, LED, LCD or plasma display in front of the screen. Glass upper-left and lower-right corners of the screen was fixed in vertical and horizontal emitting transducer, right corner then fixed the two corresponding ultrasonic receiving transducer. Glass screen around four engraved with 45 ° angle from sparse to dense spacing is very accurate and reflective stripes.

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