Product installation

- Nov 28, 2016-

① touch screen designed to enable removal of CRT front completely bare and remove the touch screen front cover to install touch-screen.

② remove the touch screen considerations

When you remove the CRT, be sure not to scratch or bump the CRT's electron gun for tube neck and, because the electron gun is a glass structure, very easy to hit, so remove the CRT security must take into account the electron gun, typically CRT display face on it was placed in a plastic bucket.

③ finishing touch-screen front cover

Split Xia CRT and touch screen Qian cover Hou, try with put touch screen put into split Xia of touch screen Qian cover, General Qian cover internal design has some strengthening reinforced, these strengthening reinforced main in production process in the release Shi useful, if hamper touch screen of into or think long-term using may will injury and the touch pingbian County, Shang of wire, on should with oblique mouth clamp will its cut off (cut cut Hou best will incision polished sleek, because incision too sharp may will injury and the touch pingbian County, Shang of wire, as space allows, can with bubble double rubber posted live incision)

Paste the black dust

Touch screen, first attach a dust-proof enclosure has two functions: 1. Prevention of pressure transducers. Some touch screens such as PHILIPS front cover visible highly enough, if not dust into the touch screen will make the transducer being crushed, causing the touch screen is not available, such obvious phenomena in flat-screen monitors in Judah, labeled as dust for transducer mat space, so as to solve this problem. 2. to prevent external dust to enter the touch screen stripes. Touch screen on the fringes if too much dust buildup can lead to touch slow, local touch failure problem, labeled as dust can effectively address this problem.

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