IR touch frame VS touch foil

- Jul 20, 2017-

U-Touch infrared touch frame works is covered in the touch frame around the infrared receiver tube and infrared emission tube, the infrared tube in the touch screen surface arrangement was a one-to-one relationship between the formation of an infrared by the cloth into the optical network, when there is an object (which can be a finger, gloved hand or any touch object) into the infrared light network to block somewhere of the infrared emission to receive, this point of the vertical and horizontal direction of the infrared tube to receive the strength of the infrared will change, the device through the understanding of the infrared reception of the changes can know where to touch.

 IR touch screen frame-20170626-05.jpg

U-Touch infrared touch frame through the hardware design and software programming, the data can be interpolated on each point, because the algorithm is suitable to achieve 32768 X 32768 resolutions. As U-Touch infrared touch frame itself, the principle of use U-Touch touch frame, you can do no pressure (referring to the touch of the touch frame itself, the pressure applied) touch work, so U-Touch touch frame can do no glass work.

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In the same moment while U-Touch infrared touch frame work, only a pair of infrared on the tube (referring to the physical location of a corresponding launch tube and a receiver tube) in the data work, the circuit through the infrared high-frequency tube data collection to achieve rapid response to the effect, so U-Touch touch frame response speed is very fast.

 IR touch screen frame-20170605-02.jpg


Touch film is a transparent, with touch function PET film, embedded X, Y staggered nano-wire (ultra-fine wire), the use of projection capacitor technology design, can achieve multi-touch. Will touch the film attached to the glass window, glass wall inside, you can put the glass window, glass wall into a large size touch screen. Touch film application of nano-materials, printed circuit, integrated chip, software and other technology to produce anti-static transparent touch film, to achieve all the mouse movements, and has achieved multi-touch, is the human-computer interaction method of revolutionary.



The touch film is composed of the cross-woven nano wire into the induction matrix, connected with the controller to form the plane sensing unit, at the intersection of the nanometer wires, will produce a certain magnetic field effect, when the human finger across the glass plate touch screen, The magnetic field will change accordingly, the controller will touch the location information to the computer, in order to achieve touch function.


IR touch frame VS touch foil

The biggest difference between the two is: the touch box can be recycled; touch the film once removed

 from the screen, it is unable to to re-use.

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