Interactive electronic whiteboard

- Nov 28, 2016-

Interactive electronic whiteboard can be used with the computer for information communication, electronic whiteboard connected to a computer and projector will be projected onto the Whiteboard content on a computer screen, with the support of specialized applications, you could construct a large-screen, interactive collaborative sessions or learning environment. Using specific positioning pen instead of a mouse to operate on a whiteboard, you can run any application, you can edit the file, note, saved on your computer, such as keyboard and mouse can be used for any operation.

The traditional Whiteboard

Whiteboard from the late last century, people began to invent and use the written Tabula, mainly in order to avoid the dust against the teacher and student health.

Electronic whiteboard

Whiteboard in 1991, Canada SMART companies take the lead in research and development, and products of electronic whiteboards, promotion, using the European and American markets.

Interactive electronic whiteboard

Is the Whiteboard key step in the development of true Tabula Rasa and the computer, two-way interaction between the presenter and the audience. Abroad by Canada SMART companies take the lead in research and development, Dragon from Shenzhen in China through science and education in 2001, the company took the lead in the interactive electronic whiteboard hardware and software research and development, and in the same year launched the nation's first interactive whiteboard, before 2004, whiteboard low demand in the domestic market, the market mainly dominated by SMART, Promethear, Dragon, science and other brand-name. In 2005, as the multimedia education matures, domestic electronic whiteboards are starting to emerge, gradually expand the scale of selling. In 2008, along with ultra short focal projector market, the large-scale emergence of short focal projector, projection interactive whiteboard use light shielding has been effectively controlled, electronic whiteboards need rapid expansion worldwide, domestic application of interactive electronic whiteboard is rapidly growing, the industry accelerated ageing.

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