How to test interactive touch flat panel if it doesn’t work properly?

- Feb 12, 2021-

We met 2 after-sale problems of education interactive touch flat panel recently.

One is the screen of interactive flat panel is flickering all the time. Our technician gives out solutions. To replace T-CON driver board of the flickering screen. We instruct client’s technician to carry the work. Finally, the screen is working properly. That means it is the problem of T-con board. The first problem was solved.

The second problem is the interactive flat panel was burnt due to unstable voltage and current. First, technician need to open the back cover of interactive flat panel to check which part was burnt. At last, it was power board burnt. It needs to be replaced. In addition, we would like to double check other parts. In case other parts were damaged, we need to send other parts for replacement. There was only power board was burnt for the second piece of touch screen. So, solution is to change power board.

We prepared 1 set of boards of interactive touch flat panel after communication. In terms of further after-sales problems,1 more set of spare parts is very useful and save client’s time if there is any problem in future.

built in camera touch display 3-1

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