How to install Large customize infrared touch frame

- Jun 03, 2020-

Huizhou U-touch is not only offering interactive flat panel but also provide customized infrared touch screen frame service.Normally, larger infrared touch frame applies to video wall in shopping center ,hotel and other public place.

Big IR touch frame

Its assembly method is a little different from ordinary touch frame. In order to make the packing shorter, we will cut the long side of ir touch frame in to 2 parts. So,It should be used srews and brackets to put 2 parts together. 
bracket for ir touch frame

There are 5 points to be caution:

1.Please be noted that the blue face of FPC (blue ribbon) is on upper. See below picture, please

2.Before installation, pull out PCBA inside of the aluminum alloy frame. Open the black slot and slightly insert the FPC into it and cover it to fasten FPC. 

3. There is no FPC connector on C corner. Please note it

4. It is needed to use brackets and screws to fasten the middle longer infrared touch frame

5. Four corners are needed to be fasten by screws

6. Please install the ground cable on the infrared touch frame, if there is static.(See last picture, please)

Web bracket for ir touch frame

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