Five functions of teaching interactive touch flat panel

- Feb 10, 2021-

Nowadays, in order to improve the quality of teaching, many schools have used multimedia teaching touch screen interactive flat panel, and the use of touch screen interactive flat panel is becoming more and more common. The using experience of teaching touch screen interactive flat panel is much better than traditional blackboards. It is inseparable from its powerful functions.


The multimedia teaching touchscreen interactive flat panel is developed on the basis of conventional audio-visual education and computer equipment, and combines teaching, academic reports, conferences, comprehensive seminars, demonstration exchanges and remote teaching, remote paper revision, remote class, remote questioning, and remote conference And other functions. Through the touch function, it can better meet the comprehensive requirements of academic reports, conferences, academic exchanges, multimedia teaching, on-site teaching, and distance education. It has an intelligent management system and good audio and video effects; it can also meet the requirements of slides, transparencies, and multimedia courseware. Video tapes, DVD/SVCD/VCD, physical materials and other resources for comprehensive demonstration, seminars, live broadcast requirements, have good visual effects, improve the strength and image of the school.

There are five major functions of the teaching touch screen interactive flat panel:


1.     Smooth writing and multi-touch  

The teaching touch screen interactive flat panel supports multi-touch, making teaching pens more comfortable and smooth. The touch panel uses high explosion-proof tempered glass, which is scratch-resistant and anti-collision. It can meet the daily teaching environment. It uses anti-glare touch technology to allow teachers and students to use it under A comfortable and practical environment with variety of lights


2. Smooth interaction

The teaching touch screen interactive flat panel supports PPT assistant, page turning, and annotation; fast response; Smoothly and freely writing and presentation; anti-light interference, anti-masking, and adapting to a variety of environments.


3. Dual systems and massive resource sharing

Windows and Android dual system platforms, data co-transmission and sharing, multiple courseware format sharing


4. Smart, fast and easy teaching

Capacitive, high-precision touch buttons, change source and control volume at will. It can be operated, and any channel can be freely written, annotated and screen-captured. Intelligent recognition, automatic recognition of signal matching input channel, intelligent eye protection, ambient light detection, and brightness self-adjustment to meet the needs of writing and viewing multiple scenes.


5. Energy saving and health

Low radiation, energy saving and health, one-key energy saving, low standby power consumption, greatly reducing energy consumption, intelligent environment detection, automatic light adjustment, and comprehensive power consumption.


The above is an introduction to the five functions of the 65-inch multimedia interactive teaching interactive flat panel. It is used infrared touch technology. With a stylus or finger, you can write, reduce, enlarge, move and other functions on the screen. You can also stop erasing with the back of your hand and change the eraser according to the size of the contact area on the back of your hand. The size is very applicable and simple. You can also switch the font color arbitrarily, annotate and mark key points at any time. Assuming that the layout is not enough, you can add pages indefinitely. You can write as you want.

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