Factors influencing the price of interactive touch flat panel

- Mar 11, 2021-

1. The Screen size of interactive touch screen flat panel

Generally speaking, the larger size of interactive touch flat panel, the more expensive they are. This is not only because the price of screens has increased, but also the performances of the Interactive touch flat panel will change, such as power consumption, workmanship etc., and many things need to be upgraded and improved for bigger size.

2. Display

There are many types of monitors, the most popular are LED monitors and LCD monitors. They have big differences, too. So the price of interactive touch screen flat panel with different monitors will be big different.

3. Touch screen

Touch screens can be divided into four types: ordinary surface acoustic wave screens, infrared screens, resistive screens, and capacitive screens. One of the most commonly used is an infrared touch screen. The prices of these 4 screens are also difference.

4. Configuration

Configuration is also an important factor influencing its price. The level of configuration will directly determine the operating speed, and the operating speed will affect the user experience. Therefore, the higher the configuration, the more expensive the interactive touch flat panel will be.

5. Brand

Brand is the key factor affecting the price of interactive touch flat panel. But the feeling of users ‘experience is the most important thing, and don't get confused by the concept of the brand.

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