Development trends

- Nov 28, 2016-

Touch-screen technology to facilitate people's computer use, is a very promising interactive input technology attracted national attention, and put a lot of manpower and material resources to carry out research and development, new touch screen are emerging.

1, a stylus: use the stylus to operate the touchscreen is similar to a whiteboard, except the display interface, Windows, icons, touch pen also has the function of signature, mark. The touch pen stylus features that earlier only provides select menu is greatly enhanced.

2, touch pad touch pad using pressure-sensitive capacitive touch technology, largest screen area. It consists of three parts: the sensor is at the bottom center, used to monitor touch panel is being touched, and then processing the information; the middle tier provides interaction with graphics, text and other; the outer layer is a touch surface, made of high strength plastic material. When the fingers touch the outer surface, you can send the information in 1/1000s to the sensor, and log processing. In addition to a PC-compatible, a also has the advantages of high brightness, sharp image, easy to interact, which is applied to pointing information query system (such as an electronic bulletin board), has received very good results.

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