Daily maintenance

- Nov 28, 2016-

1, a day before the boot, use a dry cloth to wipe the screen.

2, water or drinks falling on the screen, will cause the software to stop the reaction, this is because the water droplets and the finger has similar properties required to wipe off the water.

3, touch screen controller is capable of automatically determining the dust, but too much dust can reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen, simply use a dry cloth to wipe the screen.

4, using glass cleaner to clean the dirty fingerprints on the touch screen and grease.

5, in strict accordance with regulations turn on and off the power, and that power is in the order: monitor, audio, host. Turn off the power to the contrary in the order.

6, produced a large number of temporary files on your hard disk, if you often break or directly without exit Windows shutdown, will soon lead to hard disk errors. Therefore, you need to run ScanDisk scans your hard disk for errors regularly, preferably in your application secret way to exit the application and Windows power, such as: the four corner points in the provisions of order.

7, pure touch-screen program that does not require the mouse cursor, the cursor will only make users lack of concentration.

8, should select the most critical applications using simple mouse-proof model, because complex patterns require the expense of latency and system resources.

9, Windows, slow application is started, the user has access to other systems. Solution is to change the SYSTEM. INI file: Shell=progman. exe(Windows3. Under x) or shell=Explorer. Exe (Windows 95) to directly. Exe file. But the application should be able to exit Windows, otherwise you cannot quit.

10, depending on the environment conditions, periodically turn the head clean reflective stripes and inner surface of the touch screen. Specific method is: open the cover on both sides in the machine, can find release button head bolt on the front of the body, open to release the latch. Lift the front part of the head, you can see the touch screen controller, disconnect the touch screen cable, and back the machine remove the head and the touch screen. Look after fixed touch screen method, remove the touch screen cleaning, be careful not to use cardboard or stiff cloth, do not scratch reflective stripes. Finally, in reverse order, and the original structures will head the recove

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