Conventional touch-screen Chinese pinyin input process can be divided into the following steps

- Nov 28, 2016-

1, enter the letters, the keyboard enter the recommendation letters provided. : Input consonant w, you can combine vowels "a, u" is highlighted, but this is all spell valid, no significance for a brief spell. Jane spell enter enter only a phonetic one, enter the phrase in the rational use of simple spelling can greatly enhance the speed, the disadvantage is prone to repeated code.

2, enter alphanumeric strings of letters, intelligent segmentation and display the word. Single candidate match the words based on the letters in Word, phrase phrases and long sentences need to calculate the probability of the combination of Chinese characters. User input method is also training update process, use the longer, the word more in line with the personal input habit. Thesaurus Update methods are:

1) individual letters or spelling matches the word order of the adjustment. For example enter "Hao", the first word, "good" was selected more likely, but user repeatedly to select "number", "number" can be adjusted to the first word. Initializes the library might consist of a dictionary, the word commonly used essays, articles and Internet terms extracted into, the candidate words, Kanji combinations and associated word probabilities can be calculated from the thesaurus, more complex input on needs analysis of long sentences in Chinese language.

2) users can resize the vocabulary words in the candidate's probability, you can also customize the phrases, words associated to this no contact, commonly known as the made-up words. For example enter "NIMA" users to manually enter "Nina", the next time you when entering the same letter will become candidates. PC Computing is more intelligent, two times to enter the "NI" and "Ma", it is possible according to the input sequence of phrases.

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