Conference Tablet Product Solution

- Mar 04, 2019-

Conference Tablet Product Solution


In the commercial conference and training market, the interactive all-in-one products mainly realize large-screen high-intensity display, conference whiteboard writing, conference courseware playback, etc. The conference program has 1920*1080 HD, 3840*2160P ultra-high definition display resolution, conference whiteboard, In addition to the functions of annotation writing, conference PPT courseware, etc., it also has a number of smart phone functions such as wireless screen transmission, conference recording, etc., providing convenient and fast product application solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions in conference office and training applications. .


Meeting Specific System
A set of intelligent conference system for meeting occasions, integrating multiple functions, achieving conference whiteboard, PPT playback, remote conference, file synchronization sharing, conference recording and many other functions, suitable for various business training, conference, teaching application scenarios .


Delicate meeting content presentation
The high content requirements of the conference content on the display quality, through the perfect embodiment of 4K ultra-high definition resolution, make the conference content clear and delicate.


Flexible and Conbernient whiteboard Annotation
During the conference, the user can perform annotation operations at any time in the PPT play, video conference, whiteboard writing, QR code scanning, wireless projection, etc., to meet the ideological expression of the participants.


Ultra Convenient Wireless Transmission Screen
Through 5G wireless communication technology, the desktop content of notebooks and tablet computers can be wirelessly transmitted to the smart conference tablet in high-definition image quality, free from cumbersome connections, and the personal computer screen can be synchronized at any time and any place.


More function
Provides equipment document management functions, two-dimensional code sharing function, VIP reception function and many other intelligent application functions, providing users with a comprehensive conference application system, more intimate functional applications, greatly enhancing the core value of the product.

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