Components of interactive touch screen display

- Apr 02, 2021-

Interactive touch screen display integrates the functions of computer, TV, and touch into A machine. It is widely used for education and teaching, commercial meeting rooms, indoor display and other purposes.

Interactive touch screen displays components: the main components of the touch screen: brushed aluminum front frame, touch frame, tempered glass, display screen, metal back shell, wall mount, OPS industrial control computer (or ordinary computer), display motherboard, power supply board, expansion Board, decoder board, power cord, power adapter.

In order to make clients understand the interactive touch screen display more clearly, we will divide several parts to explain:


The computer of Interactive touch screen displays: There are two types of interactive displays ‘computers, one is a common type of computer, and the other is an OPS industrial computer. Relatively speaking, the performance of an industrial control OPS computer will be better. The computers of interactive display are the same as the computers we use in daily life. They also have a CPU, hard disk, and memory, which can be optionally configured. Interactive touch display covers all function of common computer.

Tempered glass: When we use the interactive touch display, what we directly touch with our fingers is not the touch screen, but the tempered glass, which is the same as the mobile phone screen. The function of tempered glass is to protects the touch screen against damages.

Metal back shell: The size of education Interactive touch display is at least 42 inches and the larger one is 86 inches. Because the touch screen display is very heavy, A metal back shell is necessary to ensure that the interactive touch screen is not Deformed.

Components of interactive display

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