Characteristics of surface acoustic wave touch screen

- Nov 28, 2016-

High definition, transparency good. Highly durable, good scratch resistance (relative to the surface of resistors, capacitors and other films). Responsive. Not affected by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and high resolution, long life (maintained for the 50 million); the high rate of transmission (92%), that stay sharp and bright image quality without drift, just a correction during installation; a third axis (that is, pressure shafts) response to use in public places. The surface acoustic wave screen require regular maintenance, because dust, oily stain even drink liquids on the screen's surface, blocks guided wave grooves on the surface of the touch screen, the wave does not launch properly, or keep changing while the controller is unable to properly identify, thus affecting the normal use of the touch screen, users need to pay strict attention to sanitation. Must always wipe the surface to keep the screen clean screen and make a comprehensive and thorough erasure on a regular basis.

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