32 Inch Inquiry Machine Touch Kiosk

32 Inch Inquiry Machine Touch Kiosk

Touch kiosk,touch digital signage,touch advertising display Digital signage are majorly employed in schools, libraries, medical facilities, department stores, office buildings, airports, train stations, bus stations, auto dealerships, banks, and other public venues.

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Product Details

Product main feature:

1.32 inch inquiry machine/touch kiosk

2.Multi touch points,infrared touch 

3.android system adn windows system

4.android function:

-The system is based on Android 4.2 or later, which is equivalent to Android mobile phone; 

-Touch screen type: infrared 2 touch; 

-Function: Support 1080P HD video and picture playback; Built-in HDMI1.4 supports 1080P output to support 3D output; Support web/Flash playback, with the help of web/Flash touch interactive function, can realize powerful touch interactive platform application; 

-Compatibility: support external USB devices (keyboard, mouse, camera, microphone, etc.), support USB computer debugging (for application development); support horizontal and vertical display four display modes; external mobile storage device (U disk, SD card, mobile hard disk); 

-Support multi-language: Chinese, English and other national languages, showing no distortion; 

-system software: time switch software, ultra-clear player, perpetual calendar, electronic clock, browser, etc., support Android apk application installation (such as QQ, WeChat, Weibo, games, independent research and development app...) ; 

-Network support: support wired / Wifi / 3G; 

- Optional inter-view inquiry system: publicity pictures, video classification and playback, click to enlarge and reduce interactive display, corporate logo, weather, calendar, the latest announcement is fully displayed, no one clicks to automatically play picture video

Infrared touch screen all in one

Test video link:

Application area: 

Exhibition ,Education ,lobby ,library,shopping mall,cinema ,Hotel, Hospital
touch kiosk application area

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